How do I login with 2FA?
Logging in with 2FA
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Your Shakepay account is protected by both a password and a second step of verification.

In the second step verification, also called two-factor authentication (2FA), we send you an SMS to your phone with a 6-digit code. You will be prompted to enter that code right after you attempt to login.

Note: 2FA is in effect for all Shakepay customers. It has been automatically enabled on your account.


I did not receive the SMS

Occasionally, there are delays with SMS and they might take up to a minute to show up on your phone. Please note, each verification code received via SMS is only valid for 2 minutes. If more than 2 minutes has passed since receiving the code, you can always input your login information again and a new verification code will be sent to you.

If no SMS is received after a minute, try logging in again.

Still no luck?

If you did not receive the SMS and there's no delay, don't hesitate to reach out!

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