To get your business account verified here are more details about the documents we’ll need you to upload:

Articles of Incorporation or Proof of Existence
This is where you can upload a document that shows the existence of your business. 

You can upload a provincial or federal document that proves the presence of your business. For an incorporation, submit your Articles of Incorporation, for a partnership, submit the partnership agreement, for a not-for-profit, the Articles of Association, for a Trust, the Trust Charter or Ledger. 

Board Resolution
It is a written statement signed by the board of directors of a company detailing a binding corporate action. 

Filling and signing the board resolution can be done on the page to upload your documents, and will acknowledge that you have the power to open an account with Shakepay.

Proof of Address
This document can be any electronically provided bill or statement, such as a phone bill, utility bill,  lease, or bank statement confirming the address of the organization.

Director’s Identification
You can upload either the passport or driver’s license of the company’s director.

Shareholder Structure
You will be asked to upload a document showing the percentage ownership of shares, signed by all shareholders.

Once you have all the documents you can upload them here:

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