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Documents to verify your business account
Documents to verify your business account
What you'll need to get your business account verified
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To get your business account verified here are more details about the documents we’ll need you to upload:

  • Articles of Incorporation or Proof of Existence

    • This is where you can upload a document that shows the existence of your business. 

    • You can upload a provincial or federal document that proves the presence of your business. For an incorporation, submit your Articles of Incorporation, for a partnership, submit the partnership agreement, for a not-for-profit, the Articles of Association, for a Trust, the Trust Charter or Ledger. 

  • Board Resolution

    • It is a written statement signed by the board of directors of a company detailing a binding corporate action. 

    • Filling and signing the board resolution can be done on the page to upload your documents, and will acknowledge that you have the power to open an account with Shakepay.

  • Proof of Address

    • This document can be any electronically provided bill or statement, such as a phone bill, utility bill,  lease, or bank statement confirming the address of the organization.

    • Please submit this document in .PDF format

  • Director’s Identification

    • You can upload either the passport or driver’s license of the company’s director.

  • Shareholder Structure

    • You will be asked to upload a document showing the percentage ownership of shares, signed by all shareholders.

Once you have all the documents you can upload them here:

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