Shakepay takes the protection of your assets very seriously, which is why we have put measures in place to help you secure your account if you believe it has been compromised.

Why should I use the Disable my Account feature?

We recommend you to use this feature only in cases when you believe your account is being compromised. Examples include:

  • If you get an e-mail from Shakepay saying someone logged into your account, and that person is not you

  • If your login credentials are hacked or stolen

  • if you are victim of a SIM swap attack

  • If you believe to be victim of fraud/scam

  • If you are under a situation of duress

Note : Once your account is locked, it will remain so for 48h after you send the selfie to unlock it, so it is important to only use this feature if you do need to secure your account for emergencies such as the ones listed above.

How can I enable this feature and lock my account?

In order to put an emergency lock on your account, you will need to:

  • Go in the Settings section in the mobile app

  • Click on Security and Privacy

  • Click on Temporarily disable account, then on Enable emergency lock at the bottom of the page

  • A pop up window will ask you if you do wish to proceed further. You can then click on Confirm, which will lock your account.

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Once the Disable my account feature is activated, how can I restore my account and unlock it?

In order for us to unlock your account, we have put a strict security protocol in place that will ensure you are the person requesting to have your Shakepay account re-enabled.

You will need to send a selfie while holding:

  • A Photo ID: your passport or driver's license (health card will not be accepted)

  • A paper with the word "Shakepay" and today's date

Please make sure that your photo, paper, and ID are clear and readable.

Example selfie with ID

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Once you have the selfie, you will need to upload it directly into your Shakepay account from this link:

Your account will remain blocked for 48 hours after submitting the selfie. Once the selfie is verified and accepted by our security team, your account will be unlocked and you will receive a confirmation message that you can start using your account again.

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