The Shakepay Card allows you to spend your Shakepay dollar balance at any in-store and online merchant. Topping up your card is as easy as sending an Interac e-Transfer to your Shakepay account. You’ll then be able to use the card to spend your Shakepay account dollar balance.

Where can I use the Shakepay Card?

At any online or physical stores that accept Visa cards.

Can I use the Shakepay Card for my business?

No, the Shakepay Card is available for individual Shakepay customer accounts only. It is a consumer card, not a commercial card.

Can I shop online with the Shakepay Card?

Yes, the Shakepay Card can be used to make purchases at online stores.

Can I spend my crypto balance with the Shakepay Card?

No, you can only spend from the dollar balance in your Shakepay account. You cannot spend your crypto with the Shakepay Card.

Can I use the Shakepay Card outside of Canada?

Yes, you will be able to use your Shakepay Card internationally.

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