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How do I transact with the Shakepay Card?
How do I transact with the Shakepay Card?

Learn how to review your card transaction history

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Where do I see my Shakepay Card transactions?

Your Shakepay Card is a prepaid Visa*. All transactions will be displayed in your Canadian Cash balance.

Select your Cash balance in the mobile app to review your recent transactions.

Why is my transaction pending?

All transactions will first be listed as pending before they are processed. If you have been waiting longer than usual for your transaction to be processed, please contact support.

What should I do when I notice a duplicate transaction ?

On occasion, there are duplicate transactions with specific merchants which are not resolved right away. This is seen most often with Uber Technologies Inc. (Uber).

Please note, both transactions will not be settled with the merchant. However, it can take up to 14 days to release the funds from the duplicate transaction on their side. Once this is done, the funds will be available in your CAD balance.

Note: that refunds are out of Shakepay’s control. Once a refund is issued to you from Uber Technologies Inc., Shakepay needs to wait for Uber Technologies Inc. to tell us that the transaction has been reverted. Once the transaction is reverted, we will process it and you will receive your funds.

Can I spend my crypto balance with the Shakepay Card?

No, your Shakepay Card only allows you to spend from your Canadian dollar balance. If you would like to use your crypto balance, you will first need to sell your crypto for Canadian dollars. Once you have successfully sold your crypto, the change will be reflected in your Canadian dollar balance and you will be able to make purchases using your Shakepay Card.

Can I take out cash at an ATM?

Virtual Shakepay Cards will not be compatible with use at ATMs.

Any further announcements will be added to our blog.

Can my employer deposit my paychecks to my Shakepay account?

No, your employer can't deposit your paychecks to your Shakepay account.

Why is my Shakepay Card being declined?

First, make sure you have not reached the spending limits of your Shakepay Card. You can find this information in your transaction history.

If you have not reached the spending limits, reach out to support by clicking on the Settings icon > Help > Support Chat in the settings page to have this resolved.

*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence by Peoples Trust Company. Shakepay Visa Prepaid Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int.

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