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Verifying my account online
Verifying my account online

How to submit documents to verify your account online.

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Most accounts are ready to use following an automated identity check. If the check fails, you will need to submit documents to fully verify your identity. To do so, you will be asked to submit a picture of your photo ID and short selfie video.

To verify your account online, login and select verify account.

From there, you will be prompted to select the photo ID that will be used to verify your identity. Accepted forms of photo ID include:

  • All valid passports

  • All valid Canadian drivers licenses (with photo)

  • All valid Canadian provincial ID cards

  • All valid Canadian residence permit cards

  • All foreign national drivers licenses

  • All Canadian provincial identity cards

We will not accept:

  • Any foreign national ID that is not a driver's license

  • Provincial health cards (exception: BC Services Cards)

Once you've selected the type of photo ID you would like to submit a photo of, you will have two options:

  • You can continue the verification process on your phone by 1) scanning a QR code 2) receiving an SMS message with the URL or 3) pasting the URL provided.

  • Or, you can upload a photo of your ID that has been saved on your computer
    Please note, photos can only be submitted as a .jpeg and scans or copies of the original document are not accepted.

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Once the photo of your identity document has been submitted, you will be asked to record the selfie video.

For the selfie video, you will be required to read three numbers aloud and look over your shoulder.

Once both the photo and the video have been submitted, you will need to select submit verification on the website.

Once your submission has been reviewed, you will either be notified that your account is verified or that your submission has been rejected and you will need to re-submit. Submissions are reviewed within 4 days.

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