The virtual Shakepay Visa* Prepaid Card will allow you to shop online from your phone with Apple and Google Pay, or in-store anywhere Visa* is accepted. Your spending comes directly from your Shakepay Canadian dollar balance. Top up your balance by funding your Shakepay account or by selling your crypto balance for Canadian dollars.

You can also view our cardholder agreement.

What is the Shakepay Card?

The Shakepay Card is a Visa* Prepaid card that allows you to spend your Canadian dollar balance with Visa-accepting merchants.

Before you can spend from your Shakepay account dollar balance, you’ll need to top up your Shakepay account with an Interac e-Transfer or sell your crypto balance for CAD.

Where can I use my Shakepay Card?

The virtual Shakepay Card can be used anywhere Apple and Google Pay are supported. That includes merchants in Canada and internationally. Please note that recurring purchases are not supported by Apple Pay or Google Pay and are therefore not available for the Shakepay Card.

Please note you cannot pay bills directly using the virtual Shakepay Card.

Does Shakepay support international customers?

Shakepay accounts and the Shakepay Card are only available to Canadian residents.

Will I get a physical Shakepay Card?

The Shakepay Card is only released as a virtual card at this time. The virtual card can be used with any Visa-accepting merchant where Apple and Google Pay are supported. Any further announcements will be added to our blog.

Can I use the Shakepay Card for online purchases?

Yes, your Shakepay Card can be used at any online store that supports Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Does the Shakepay Card affect my credit score?

No, it does not.

Using the Shakepay Card will not impact your credit score. The Shakepay Card is a reloadable Visa* Prepaid card which means you can only spend funds that were loaded to your Shakepay dollar balance. The Shakepay Card does not permit customers to spend dollars on credit.

Does the Shakepay Card expire?

The virtual card does not expire.

Can I use the Shakepay Card outside of Canada?

Yes, you can use your Shakepay Card to make purchases outside of Canada at any in-store or online merchant that supports Apple Pay or Google Pay.

*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence by Peoples Trust Company. Shakepay Visa prepaid card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int.

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