Introducing #ShakeSquads
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#ShakeSquads allows customers to stack sats with their friends by creating squads (groups) together. Customers can invite up to 4 friends to join their squad. Everyone in the squad gets 42 bonus sats whenever a member uses their Shakepay Card.

What is a #ShakeSquad?

A #ShakeSquad is a group you create with up to 4 other friends to earn bonus sats on each other’s Shakepay Card purchases, settled directly to the bitcoin balance of their Shakepay account. Whenever a fellow squad member uses their Shakepay Card, everyone in the squad gets 42 bonus sats. We call these “bonus” sats because you get them on top of your regular cashback rewards.

How does #ShakeSquads work?

Each #ShakeSquad can have 2 types of members Contributors and 🌱 Rookies. Your status indicates whether you’re earning and contributing sats for the squad.

Contributors are Shakepay customers that have already used their Shakepay Card to make a purchase. If you create a #ShakeSquad or join one as a contributor, your purchases will contribute bonus sats to the squad, and your squad members' purchases will contribute to yours. You will also be able to invite others to join the squad.

🌱 Rookies are Shakepay customers that haven’t used their Shakepay Card before. Once you use your Shakepay Card for the first time, you automatically become a contributor, so start spending!

How do I create a #ShakeSquad?

To create a #ShakeSquad, you must first sign up for the Shakepay Card and make a purchase with your Shakepay Card. If you already have the Shakepay Card and have previously made a purchase then you're all set!

Once you’ve made your first purchase, head over to the card tab in the Shakepay App and tap the “Create a #ShakeSquad” button under the “Bonus reward” section. Pick a name and emoji for your squad, then tap the “Create your #ShakeSquad” button.

Once you’ve created your squad, you can start inviting your friends to join! To invite your friends, please enter their @shaketag in the invite field, this will send your friend an invite to your #ShakeSquad. Once they accept your invite and make a purchase with their Shakepay Card, you will earn bonus sats on their purchases!

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