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How many bonus sats will I earn for each purchase that is made by my #ShakeSquad?
How many bonus sats will I earn for each purchase that is made by my #ShakeSquad?
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Whenever a member of your #ShakeSquad uses their Shakepay Card, everyone in the squad earns 42 bonus sats. We call these “bonus sats” because you get them on top of your regular bitcoin cashback rewards. Basically, the more transactions your squad makes, the more bonus sats you and your squad earn. Please note, that all bonus sats will be settled directly to the bitcoin balance in your Shakepay account.

I joined a #ShakeSquad, how do I start earning bonus sats?

If you are in a #ShakeSquad and not earning bonus sats yet, it might be because you have the status of rookie, which means you haven’t made a purchase with your Shakepay Card yet. When you use your Shakepay Card for the first time, you’ll automatically become a contributor and can start earning bonus sats.

If you created a squad, you’ll need to have at least 1 other person in your squad to start earning bonus sats on your squad’s purchases.

Remember: your #ShakeSquad also only earns bonus sats if members are making purchases, so start using your card and encourage your squad to do the same!

Is there a minimum spend that I have to make for my #ShakeSquad to earn bonus sats?

There is no minimum purchase amount required for you and your squad to earn your 42 bonus sats on a transaction. Everyone in a squad will earn 42 bonus sats when any member of that squad uses their Shakepay Card to make a purchase.

When will I receive my bonus sats?

You and your squad will only receive bonus sats once transactions have settled. Transactions typically take between 1-2 days to settle, but can take longer depending on the merchant. Each day you will receive one single deposit into your Bitcoin balance for all of the squad transactions that have settled in the previous day. This means it is possible that your squad may not have any bonus sats deposited if there were no settled transactions on the previous day.

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