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Why does Shakepay ban certain crypto addresses?
Why does Shakepay ban certain crypto addresses?

You may be unable to send to certain crypto addresses.

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Q: Why does Shakepay have to ban certain crypto addresses?

A: Shakepay is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and as part of that commitment, we have implemented measures to prevent our platform from being used for unsupported activities.

If you believe an address was banned that shouldn’t have been, please reach out to support so we can take a closer look.

Q: How does Shakepay identify crypto addresses to ban?

A: Shakepay has several techniques to identify crypto addresses that are potentially associated with unsupported activity. We also monitor lists of sanctioned or prohibited crypto addresses provided by regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Q: Can I ask for a crypto address to be unbanned?

A: If you believe that your crypto address or an address you are attempting to send funds to has been banned in error, you can contact Shakepay's customer support team to request a review of the ban. Please provide any relevant information or documentation that may help us evaluate your request.

Q: How can I make sure my crypto address is not banned by Shakepay?

A: The best way to ensure that your crypto address is not banned by Shakepay is to use it only in accordance with our Terms of Use, always for legitimate and legal purposes.

We recommend only sending funds to your own wallet or to people you know and trust.

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