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Everyday payments waitlist

How do I join the waitlist? How do I earn waitlist points?

Updated over a week ago

How do I join the waitlist?

  1. From the Shakepay app home screen, click on the "Join the waitlist" button.

  2. On the following page click "Join waitlist"

  3. You're in!

Note: you won’t be able to sign up for the waitlist if your account is limited. Please reach out to support for help getting this resolved.

What is the purpose of collecting waitlist points?

  • Earning waitlist points increases your rank on the waitlist. The higher your rank, the sooner you'll get access to these new features. The release of features will be happening in three waves: the gold wave will give 500 customers access to the features, the silver wave will give 2,000 customers early access, and the bronze wave will give 10,000 customers early access. Earn as many waitlist points as possible to try and get access to the first wave of shakers we release these new features to!

  • If you don’t get in on the first (gold) wave, keep going! Waitlist points keep accumulating and you can earn your way into the next wave by continuing to earn waitlist points!

How do I earn waitlist points?

There are five ways to earn waitlist points:

1. On your first Shake of the day! (10 points)

  • Shake your phone and you'll earn 10 waitlist points once each day.

    Note: if you have ShakingSats enabled, you will earn your daily points and stack sats at the same time.

2. Tag another Shaker! (2 points)

  • Shake your phone and you’ll have the ability to tag as many other @shakers that you know by inputting their @shaketag, this will earn you 2 points per @shaker tagged

  • Yes, you can tag multiple @shaketags at once, see below!

  • You can only tag each shaker once per day

3. Get tagged by another Shaker (5 points)

  • If someone tags you when they shake, you'll earn 5 points!

4. When the @shaker you tagged joins the waitlist! (20 points each)

  • When you tag another @shaketag after shaking, if they are not already on the waitlist, they will receive an invite from you. If they join, both of you will earn 20 points each!

5. Winning a social media contest.

  • Earn 100 points for winning a contest on one of our socials. Keep a close eye on X, Reddit, Discord, and Facebook 🔥

Waitlist badges, and how to keep them even after the waitlist ends!

  • You’ll earn waitlist badges as you complete the five tasks outlined above!

  • The more points you earn, the more competitive you’ll be in the waitlist rankings.

  • To keep your badgers after the waitlist, be sure to enable direct deposit on your account within 30 days after the waitlist ends.

What happens if I reject an invite to the waitlist?

  • You may still join the waitlist, however you will not receive the 20 bonus invitation points.

  • So be sure you accept an invite if you are tagged by another Shaker to get those 20 points!

Note: If you’ve rejected an invite, you can’t be invited again. However, you can always join the waitlist from the home screen of the app.

Why am I unable to tag a shaker?

  • Your account needs to be fully verified, you can only tag your friend once a day. If they've previously rejected an invite, they can't get another one and they'll need to join the list to receive a tag.

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