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How to send an e-Transfer to anyone
How to send an e-Transfer to anyone

Send e-Transfers to friends and family from Shakepay!

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How do I send an e-Transfer to my friends and family?

  1. Login to the Shakepay app

  2. Click Send

  3. Select Interac e-Transfer

  4. Tap Select a recipient

  5. Select the recipient from your Contacts, or add a new recipient.

  6. Input the amount you wish to send

  7. Create a security question and security answer for your recipient to answer

  8. Confirm the transaction!

How do I add a recipient?

  1. Open the Shakepay app

  2. Click Send

  3. Click Interac e-Transfer

  4. Click Select recipient

  5. Click Add recipient

  6. Add your contact's information

  7. Click Add contact

    You will then be able to send funds to this recipient at any time in the future.You will then be able to send funds to this recipient at any time in the future.

How do I cancel my e-Transfer?

You can cancel an e-Transfer you have initiated as long as the funds are not yet deposited to a bank.

To cancel a pending e-Transfer to someone else, simply:

  1. Open the Shakepay app.

  2. Click on Cash Balance

  3. Find the transaction listed in All transactions

  4. Select Cancel and confirm.

Please be aware that you will not be able to cancel an e-Transfer to someone that has direct deposit enabled, as their funds will typically be deposited immediately once the e-Transfer is initiated.

Can my friends and family send me an e-Transfer to my Shakepay account?

You can only send funds to Shakepay from a Canadian bank account that is under your own name. e-Transfers from banks accounts other than your own personal bank account will not be deposited to Shakepay.

Are there any limits to how much money I can send?

  • You can send up to $999 per e-Transfer sent to a friend.

  • You can send up to $10,000 to your own bank account.

How long should it take for the recipient to receive the funds?

e-Transfers are often received within a few minutes but can take up to an hour to be confirmed on the Interac network.

If you are experiencing a longer than usual delay, please don’t hesitate to contact support!

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