Most accounts are verified during sign up through an automated identity check.

If the automated identity check doesn’t work for you, you will need to:

  • In the mobile app, access the settings page

  • Click on upload selfie

From here, you will be asked to submit both:

  • An image of your photo ID

  • Record a quick selfie video

You will be asked to select the photo ID of your choice and submit the photo of your document as prompted.

Accepted forms of photo ID include:

  • All valid passports

  • All valid drivers licenses (with photo)

  • All valid Canadian provincial ID cards

  • All valid Canadian residence permit cards

Once the photo of your identity document has been submitted, you will be asked to record the selfie video.

For the selfie video, you will be required to speak out loud and move your head. All actions should be completed within 25 seconds.

To submit your documents:

Click on submit video and then submit verification

Your submission will be reviewed shortly! The verification team will reach out to you once your submission has been reviewed.

Please Note: Customers can only open one personal Shakepay account.

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