How do I send an e-Transfer to my bank?

How can I send CAD from my Shakepay account back to my personal bank account or cancel a pending e-Transfer withdrawal?

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Here are the steps to send an e-Transfer from Shakepay to your bank account:

  1. Log in to the Shakepay app

  2. On the main screen, tap the “Send” button

  3. Click on the "Interac e-Transfer" button (send $10,000 max per transaction)

  4. Input the amount you want to send via Interac e-transfer.

Note: you will receive an Interac email that looks like the image below when your funds are ready to be deposited with your bank.

Funds will be deposited automatically if you have auto-deposit enabled.

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5. To deposit the funds, you will need to enter your security answer.

If you’re looking to withdraw a larger amount, you can request a wire transfer withdrawal.

Sell your crypto for CAD before withdrawing funds to your bank:

Before withdrawing funds to your bank you will need to make sure you have an available CAD balance or sell some of your available crypto for CAD. To sell some of your crypto balance:

  1. From the main screen, click on the crypto you wish to sell for CAD then select "Sell"

  2. On the screen displayed, click on the arrow at the top of the screen

  3. In the “Asset” section, select “Sell

  4. Input the amount of crypto you would like to sell for CAD

  5. Click on “Review order”

  6. Click on “Sell bitcoin”

How do I cancel an e-Transfer withdrawal?

If you need to cancel your e-Transfer withdrawal, you can do so in the Shakepay app:

  1. Open the Shakepay app

  2. Click your Canadian Dollar Wallet

  3. Click the e-Transfer withdrawal you need to cancel

  4. Click the Cancel request button

  5. Confirm by clicking the the Cancel request button in the pop up message

Note: You will receive an email once the cancellation has been processed and the funds will be returned in your Shakepay account.

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