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Who may enforcement offices contact for a production order or for criminal matters?
Who may enforcement offices contact for a production order or for criminal matters?

Information requests for criminal or fraud matters

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For law enforcement offices only

If you are a Shakepay customer and have a question, complaint, or comment, please contact our support team.

Shakepay will collaborate with law enforcement for lawful production orders. Shakepay is also dedicated to protecting the privacy of its customers.

To provide any details on a customer account or on a specific transaction, Shakepay requires either a lawful production order or a consent email from the account holder.

For clarity, Shakepay will not, without a lawfully signed production order or consent email:

  • Confirm if a crypto address belongs to, or was used by, a Shakepay customer;

  • Confirm if an individual is or was a Shakepay customer;

  • Confirm the CAD or crypto account balance of a Shakepay customer;

  • Block an account or freeze the funds of a Shakepay customer; or

  • Confirm any personal information about a customer.

Production order


  1. Include any available information relevant to identify the account holder (e.g. full name, date of birth, email, address, phone number, etc.).

  2. Indicate clearly and explicitly what information you’re looking for. If your production order does not indicate explicitly what information you’re looking for, we won’t be able to assist you. Here is a list of available information: User ID number, Name, Username, Email, Phone number, Date of birth, Address, Account creation date, Account sessions, Device information, IP address, Balance, List of transactions.

  3. To facilitate our assistance, any mention of a public address or transaction ID should be accessible in text format, Excel file or selectable PDF (not a scan).

  4. To block an account or freeze the funds of a customer, the production order must explicitly order it, and mention the duration of the block or freeze.

  5. To prevent Shakepay from mentioning the production order to the customer, the production order should be explicit on the confidentiality of the order and on what Shakepay can or cannot say to the customer.

The production order must be signed by a Canadian judge or a proper Canadian authority.

How to send a production order

  • Company legal name: Shakepay Inc.

  • Attention of: Enforcement Team at Shakepay

  • Email address: [email protected].

  • Only if you can’t use an email, you may use our mailing address at: 500 Place d’Armes, Suite 1800, Montreal (Quebec), H2Y 2W2, Canada. Please note that receipt at our office of any document sent to our mailing address may be delayed.

Consent from customer

If you are in contact with the individual you are seeking information about (often, it will be the victim), please confirm this to us. Shakepay will reach out to the customer to obtain the appropriate consent to allow us to share information with you.

Please note that we require a certain amount of time to conduct an internal investigation to assist with law enforcement orders. We do our best to respond within 15 business days.

For extremely urgent requests only, please include URGENT REQUEST in the subject line, and we’ll try to assist at our best possible convenience.

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