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Shakepay Reserves and Security Report
Shakepay Reserves and Security Report

An independent report on security and operational practices

Updated over a week ago

Shakepay hired CipherBlade to perform an independent review of our internal procedures for storing funds and processing transactions.

The goal of this report is to give you a glimpse of how things run at Shakepay from the point of view of an external expert. The report comes to the following conclusions as of August 26, 2020:

  1. Shakepay has enough digital currency assets to cover the digital currency account balances of its customers.

  2. Shakepay has enough fiat assets to cover the fiat account balances of its customers.

  3. Digital currencies held in hot and cold wallets are unlikely to be compromised.

  4. Shakepay performs background checks on all employees working at the company.

  5. Shakepay employs sound security practices for accessing and storing credentials.

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