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How to deposit funds from a CIBC account when you need to update your e-Transfer profile name

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To update the e-Transfer profile nickname to your full legal name to match your Shakepay account please:

1. Sign in your CIBC mobile app and click the three parallel lines on top left corner to open the side menu

2. Select "Interac e-Transfer®" from the menu

3. Select "Interac e-Transfer® settings" at the bottom

4. Select "Edit my profile" from the pop-up menu

5. You will see a nickname field. Please enter your full name here to match with the name on your Shakepay account.

Once completed, you need to send us a reminder on the e-Transfer and we'll have it deposited in no time.

To do so:

  1. Click Interac e-Transfer® in the menu on the left

  2. Select “View history”

  3. Click on the e-Transfer you sent

  4. Click the “Send a reminder” button at the bottom

Your reminder has been sent!

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