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How to deposit funds from a RBC account when you need to update your e-Transfer profile name

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To update the e-Transfer profile nickname to your full legal name to match your Shakepay account, please follow the instructions below.

RBC requires nickname changes to be completed on your desktop browser as the RBC app doesn’t have this option:

  1. From the Banking tab under My Accounts, select "Profile and Preferences" from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select "Remember My Sign In Information" from the "Update My Preferences" menu in the center of the page.

  3. Under Options, enter a new nickname

Once completed, you need to send us a reminder on the e-Transfer to reflect the changes and we'll have it deposited in no time.

To send a reminder from RBC:

  1. Tap Move Money in the Navigation Bar

  2. Tap the Send an Interac e-Transfer®

  3. Tap the History Tab

  4. Select the transfer you want to edit

  5. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit & Resent

  6. Tap to edit the email, phone number or security question

  7. Tap Save & Resend

Thank you!

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