Shakepay Round Up

Grow your bitcoin balance with spare change left over from card purchases.

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With Shakepay Round up, stacking sats has never been easier!

Whenever you make a purchase using your Shakepay Card, we’ll automatically round up the transaction to the nearest dollar. The spare change will be added to the Bitcoin balance of your Shakepay account.

Shakepay Round up is also an effective way to dollar-cost average your BTC purchases.

Shakepay Round up only converts your spare change to BTC, not ETH.

Let’s say you buy a coffee for $1.69. Your card purchase will be automatically rounded up to $2 and the extra 31¢ will be used to buy bitcoin.

How to enable Round up in the app

Here’s how to enable or disable Round up in the Shakepay app:

  1. Make sure your app is up to date

  2. Open the card tab in the Shakepay app

  3. Toggle Round Up on and off from there

Additional Round up

You can also choose an additional Round up amount ($1, $2, $5) if you'd like to increase the amount of bitcoin you stack through your use of the Shakepay Card. You can dynamically change the additional Round up amount!

Let’s say your purchase amount is $1.90, you can choose between 3 additional Round up options:

$1, then your round up amount is $1.10

$2, then your round up amount is $2.10

$5, then your round up amount is $5.10

If a card purchase is refunded, will my Round up transaction be reversed?

No, the BTC you purchased with Round up will remain in your account.

Where can I see all of my Round up transactions?

To check how much you have accumulated in Round up transactions, simply click “View shaker profile” in the settings of the Shakepay app. Your shaker profile will show how much you’ve stacked with Round up.

Does Shakepay capture revenue on Round up transactions?

Yes, we do.

Shakepay earns revenue every time crypto is bought or sold on the platform. You will notice there is a small difference in the price at which customers can buy or sell crypto. This difference is captured as revenue.

What if I don’t have sufficient funds to Round up my purchase in my account?

If you have exactly enough funds for your card purchase, but you do not have funds leftover, your purchase will not be rounded up to buy bitcoin.

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