Customers have often asked us how they can transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum from an external platform (for example, Coinbase) or from their personal wallet to their Shakepay wallet. 

To do this:

  • Log in to your app

  • From your wallet screen, tap "Add Funds"

  • Select "Bitcoin" or "Ethereum" depending on the crypto you wish to transfer!

  • Here you will find your wallet address (QR code and long form). 

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  • Navigate to the external wallet app on your phone or desktop computer.

  • Scan your QR code or copy your BTC or ETH address to use as the "To" address to send funds.

Note: It will take 2 confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain for Bitcoin to appear.
It will take 60 confirmations for ETH to appear.

Now you can sell your Bitcoin on Shakepay for CAD, or send them to another Shakepay customer with a username, as you wish!

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