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How do custom orders work on the Shakepay app?
How do custom orders work on the Shakepay app?

Custom orders allow you to buy or sell BTC and ETH at a price that you set!

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Accessing the Custom Orders page

  • To set your custom order, click the "Buy & Sell button":

  • Click on the arrow besides "Buy bitcoin" and select the crypto you wish to set up a custom order for, then click on "One time order"

  • Select "Custom orders"

Creating a buy order

  • After tapping on "Custom orders", follow the instructions by inputting the highest quote you'd like to buy for.

  • Choose the amount in CAD you would like to use to purchase, then click on "Review order"

  • Click on "Confirm Order". Your crypto will then be bought automatically at the price you've specified

Once you create the buy order, it can be seen on the Custom Orders page. If you tap on it, the details are shown and the buy order can deleted at any time.

Make sure you have enough CAD available in your Shakepay account to complete the purchase.

Please note, it is not possible to place a new custom order while you are outside of Canada. However, any custom order that was placed when you were in Canada will still be triggered while you are abroad.

Creating a sell order

  • From the main page, click on the "Buy & Sell", then click on the arrow at the top to select the Asset you wish to create a sell order for. In the Action section, select "Sell"

  • Follow the instructions by inputting the trigger price you'd like to sell for

  • Choose the amount in crypto you would like to sell at the trigger price, then click on "Review order"

  • Click on "Confirm order" and your custom order will be set all set!

Make sure you have the amount set of BTC or ETH available on your Shakepay balance.

Cancelling a custom order

  • From the main page, click on BTC/ETH depending on the custom order you wish to cancel

  • Scroll down under the BTC/ETH chart, you will see "Transactions", "Recurring Buys" and if you swipe to the left "Custom Orders"

  • Click on "Custom Orders"

  • You will see displayed your current custom orders.

  • Click the one you want to cancel

  • Click on Delete order

Your custom order has been cancelled!

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