The recurring buy feature will allow you to set automatic buying rules to purchase crypto every day, week or month.

Accessing the recurring buy page

To set your recurring buy, head over to:

  • Shakepay app > Buy & sell > Buy & sell ↓ > Recurring buys

  • Click on Create a recurring buy, then select Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • You can then input the amount of CAD you would like to spend to buy crypto, and at which frequency.

  • A page will recap your recurring buy, so that you can check and confirm it. Once you click on confirm, the recurring buy will be set live!

Important information to note

  • In order for the recurring buy to occur, you will need to have the necessary amount in CAD available in your Shakepay CAD balance, so it is important to make sure you have enough CAD available in your Shakepay wallet to complete the purchase.

  • The order will happen at the time that you created it. If, for example, you have created an order to buy 1 bitcoin every day, and you created that order at 6pm, the order will happen every day at 6pm.

Managing your recurring buys

If you go on the recurring buy page, you will be able to see all the orders you have created and that are currently live, create new orders, or cancel the ones you no longer wish to have live.

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