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How to Shakepay a friend?

Sending funds to others via the app

Updated over a week ago

Sending funds to your friends couldn’t be easier!

Here are the steps to use Shakepay a friend to send CAD or crypto to another Shakepay member:

  1. Open the Shakepay app and log in.

  2. Click Send on the home screen.

  3. Click Pay a friend.

  4. Input your friend's username (shaketag) in the address bar displayed.

  5. Select the type of currency you wish to send (CAD, BTC or ETH). As it will initially display your CAD wallet, you can tap on the CAD icon to switch to another currency. 

  6. Enter the amount you want to send them and include a friendly note if you’d like.

  7. Take a second to look everything over making sure the username, amount and note look good.

  8. Click the big blue Continue button to send!

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It's that easy, you just Shakepaid a friend! 

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