ShakingSats is a feature that allows customers to shake their phone for free bitcoin daily!

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Who is eligible?

ShakingSats is activated when a customer is referred and verifies their account or refers another customer who verifies their account.

How to Shake?

To earn daily free Satoshi's (sats), open up your Shakepay app and shake your phone until you receive a pop up letting you know your shake was registered. Open the app and shake your phone once each day to earn free sats and build your shaking streak!

If you fail to shake your device on any calendar day before midnight EST, the next time you shake your device you will return to Day 1.

What are the rewards?

ShakingSats rewards are broken into 2 tiers:

Active Stacker 🚀

Active stackers earn more sats the longer they keep their streak alive. The minimum reward amount for an active stacker is 50 and the highest reward amount of 1000 sats is reached on day 356 of your streak.

After day 365 you continue earning 1000 sats as long as you remain active and keep the streak alive 🔥 (see the Rewards - Shakepay Legal table for more detailed information on rewards).

Inactive stackers earn a base reward amount of 21 sats.

To be an active stacker you must use the Shakepay Card or exchange (buy or sell BTC/ETH) at least once within a 7 day period.

There is no separate minimum requirement for the transaction to be counted outside of Shakepay’s general transaction minimums.

Shakepay’s minimum are:

Selling 0.00001 BTC

Selling 0.015 ETH

Buying $1 of BTC or ETH

No minimum for card transactions

Inactive Stacker 😴

Inactive stackers earn 21 sats each time they shake, regardless of their streak. Becoming inactive does not affect your streak, but as soon as an inactive stacker becomes active, they will receive the higher tiered reward associated with their current streak.

Inactive Stacker vs. Lost Streak

An inactive stacker's streak is not affected. Regardless of your streak an inactive stacker will earn 21 sats per shake.

It is also possible to be an active stacker and lose your streak. Being an active stacker does not protect you from losing your streak. If you are an active stacker and your streak resets to Day 1, you will earn the shaking reward associated to a 1 day shaking streak (50 sats).

How do I see my current streak?

You can view your current streak by heading over to the main page of the Shakepay app:

  • Your streak will be listed in the top right corner.

  • You can also press on the "Shake for daily bitcoin!" banner!

I lost my streak 😢

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to reinstate lost streaks.

We know how devastating losing your streak can be so here are our top tips for keeping a streak alive:

  1. Shake multiple times! If you shake and see the “Too much shakin” message you know that your shake registered for the day and you can rest easy until tomorrow.

  2. After you shake, check your Shakepay BTC wallet to see that it registered and you earned your reward.

  3. Update your 2FA method to an authenticator app to ensure you can log in, even without cell phone service. Note: you will still need an internet connection in order for a shake to be recorded

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