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How to enable 2FA with an Authenticator app
How to enable 2FA with an Authenticator app
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It is best practice to upgrade to using an Authenticator app based 2FA to increase the security of your Shakepay account. You also benefit from being able to access 2FA codes when you travel.

Enabling 2FA with an Authenticator app

With the Authenticator app method, you must first download an Authenticator app that will store a secret and generate codes. These codes are the 2FA codes that can be used with Shakepay at any time.

  • Download an Authenticator on your mobile device. We recommend Google Authenticator (iOS, Android) or Microsoft Authenticator (iOS, Android).


  • Log in to Shakepay

  • For mobile, go to Settings > Security > Authenticator app and tap Copy secret

  • For web, go to your Profile and click Enable app authenticator

Open up your Authenticator app and,

  • Click the + button in the top right hand corner

  • Select Manual Entry, and paste the secret key you copied in the field Key or scan the QR code

  • Copy the six digit 2FA code provided by the Authenticator app

Return to the Shakepay app and enter the code that you previously copied from the Authenticator app.

Voila! Your 2FA codes will now be generated from your mobile device.

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