If you’re having some trouble signing in to your account and did not receive the two-factor authentication code, we can help!

I use an authenticator app but no longer have access to it

Got a new phone? No longer have access to your authenticator app?

No problem, we can help you change your 2FA method back to SMS so that you can login to your account again. You will then receive your 6-digit verification code as an SMS message.

To authorize the change, we will ask you to submit a selfie. You can upload it here:

Having issues receiving your 2FA code because you changed your phone number?

No problem! We can help you update the phone number on your account so that you are able to receive your 6-digit verification code. You will then receive your 2FA code as an SMS message sent to the new number.

To authorize the change, we will ask you to submit a selfie. You can upload it here:

Instructions to upload the selfie

Click on the appropriate link above depending on your situation, and submit a photo of yourself, holding a photo ID, and a piece of paper. On the piece of paper, please write:

  • Today's date

  • The word "Shakepay"

  • The new phone number you want on your account (if you want to change the phone number on your account) OR The current phone number linked to your account (if you are just switching from Authenticator back to SMS 2FA)

The picture should resemble the image below with both items in hand at the same time.

We'll be able to get that reset for you!

Note: Reminder that we only accept valid Canadian mobile phone numbers and we are unable to support VoIP numbers.

Have a new number, and you are able login?

If you have a new number and can login, you can update the phone number online with the steps here! If you can't get that updated, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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