How to set up Google Pay ?

Once you have signed up for your Shakepay Card in the mobile app, you can set up Google Pay.

  • Open the Shakepay Card tab in the mobile app

  • Click on Add to Google Pay

  • Confirm the prompt and accept the Google Pay Terms of Service

  • Set up a screen lock, if you do not have one already

  • Verify your card using the method you have set up with your bank. This is usually a 2 factor authentication SMS text message with a code.

  • Enter the verification code

You'll be able to make purchases wherever Google Pay is accepted once this has been set up.

Please note, while Google Pay has a standard limit of $250 on tap and pay transactions, the actual limit could vary and is at the merchant’s discretion.

How to remove the Shakepay Card from Google Pay

  • Open the Google Pay app

  • Tap on Menu > Payment methods

  • Tap the Shakepay Card

  • At the top right, click on More > Remove payment method

Note: to use Google Pay, you will need to have NFC (near field communication) on your device. This is the technology that enables you to tap & pay. For more information, please check out the Google Pay support pages.

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