Introducing #shakepaid
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The #shakepaid giveaway is taking ‘spend dollars, earn bitcoin’ to a whole new level. Every time you shop with the Shakepay Card, you have the chance to earn the full purchase amount back in bitcoin to your bitcoin balance.

What is #shakepaid?

Having a transaction #shakepaid means you’ll receive the full purchase amount for that transaction back in bitcoin.

Can I be #shakepaid more than once?

#shakepaid purchases are determined randomly and every transaction has a chance of being #shakepaid. We’re crossing our fingers for you 🤞.

How will I know if I’ve been #shakepaid?

You will receive a notification for any #shakepaid purchase, informing you that you’ve received the full amount back in bitcoin.

How long does it take to be #shakepaid?

If your card purchase is randomly selected to be #shakepaid, you will receive the bitcoin amount once your transaction is settled with the merchant. Please note, it is not possible to be #shakepaid for a past transaction.

For more information, please visit the full giveaway details and rules.

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