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#shakepaid is a giveaway that rewards Shakepay customer's who use certain features of their account

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What is #shakepaid?

#shakepaid is a reward that gives Shakepay customers the chance to win extra bitcoin just by using regular features

Which features can I be #shakepaid for?

  1. The Shakepay Card: Every time you shop with the Shakepay Card, you have the chance to earn the full purchase amount back in bitcoin to your bitcoin balance.

  2. Direct Deposit: Only payroll deposits are eligible to be #shakepaid.

Direct Deposit #shakepaid amounts will vary and can be more or less than the amount of your payroll deposit. Please see our reward terms of use for more information on the reward tiers.

Is there a minimum amount to be eligible for #shakepaid?

Card: No minimum 🎉

Payroll deposit: $100 minimum deposit

Can I be #shakepaid more than once?

Card: #shakepaid reimbursements are determined randomly and every card transaction has a chance of being #shakepaid. We’re crossing our fingers for you 🤞

Direct deposit: You will be eligible to be #shakepaid on up to your first 2 payroll direct deposits of each calendar month. You can win a maximum of once per calendar month.

How will I know if I’ve been #shakepaid?

You will receive a notification for any #shakepaid deposit, informing you that you’ve received an amount of your card transaction, or payroll deposit back in bitcoin.

How long does it take to be #shakepaid?

Card: If your card purchase is randomly selected to be #shakepaid, you will receive the bitcoin amount once your transaction is settled with the merchant. Please note, it is not possible to be #shakepaid for a past transaction.

Direct Deposit: If your payroll deposit is randomly selected to be #shakepaid you will receive the bitcoin amount in your account at the time of your payroll deposit.

For more information, please visit the full giveaway details and rules.

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