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How do I update my email address?
How do I update my email address?

Changing or editing the email address on your Shakepay account

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Need to change your email address in your Shakepay account? You can now do it from either the mobile app, or the website!

Note: If you have 2FA (SMS) enabled, you will need access to your current mobile number. If you no longer have access to your old mobile number, please reach out to support for assistance!

Heads up, you won’t be able to send money out from your account for 24 hours after changing your email address.

Note: you will be able to change the email address linked to your account once, if you want to change it again, please contact the support team.

From the mobile app

  • Visit the settings and go to Account settings

  • Click on Profile informations

  • Hit the Change button next to your email address

  • You'll just need to follow the steps and get your new email address verified, all done!

From the website

  • Log in to your Shakepay account on the web. Use your @shaketag (username) or current email address and password to log in.

  • Visit the Profile page and tap Change email address

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  • Enter your new email address along with the password. You'll then receive an email on the new email address, tap on the verify link to complete the switch.

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