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Learn what Shake it Forward is and how it is used

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Shake it Forward is our way of facilitating kindness amongst shakers by allowing them to pay forward an amount of their choosing from their CAD balance to cover a purchase made by another person with the Shakepay Card, for the amount forwarded.

You may also be fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of this generosity and have the amount of your purchase paid forward by someone else, or you can keep the chain going by using Shake it Forward to pay forward for someone else and pass along the same amount, or more, or less.

To start the Shake it Forward chain yourself:

  • Go to the wallet tab and select a recent purchase under your CAD wallet

  • You’ll see a new button “Shake it Forward,” tap it

  • The default amount matches the purchase amount

  • Edit the amount if you want (min. $1.00)

  • Tap “continue” and then confirm the amount

  • It will go to the next shaker who spends that amount

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To continue the chain:

  • Follow the steps above, making sure to start with the purchase that someone covered for you with Shake it Forward

Make sure you say thanks after! 😉

“Kindness is something anyone can give without losing anything themselves.”

What is the minimum and maximum amount?

The minimum amount is $1.00. The next shaker who spends the amount you shake forward will get it, so it might be a day or two before you get that thank you note. There is no maximum limit to your generosity, you may forward any amount that can be covered by your available CAD balance.

When does my balance get debited & will I be debited the exact amount I Shake it Forward?

If you select to use the Shake it Forward feature, the amount you agree to pay forward for a next shaker gets debited from your balance right away. The next shaker that spends the amount you selected ( +/- of $0.50 or 10%, whichever is larger) will be paid forward thanks to you, which can take from a few minutes to a few days.

For example, if you choose to cover a $5 card purchase, this may be rounded up to $5.50 or down to $4.50.

Can I cancel a Shake it Forward request?

Once you initiate or continue a Shake it Forward request, you can no longer cancel the action.

Regardless, you will definitely be making someone’s day a whole lot brighter! ☀️

Can I Shake it Forward to a person of my choice?

You will not be able to Shake it Forward to a specific person. We will Shake it Forward to the next person who makes a purchase with the Shakepay Card for the amount you set.

How do I thank a shaker for Shaking it Forward to me?

When you receive a Shake it Forward notification or tap on a Shake it Forward transaction in your CAD wallet, you’ll see a button you can click so you can pass along a thank you note.

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