When you sign up for Shakepay, a Canadian (non-VOIP) phone number is required. Once you confirm your number, you can then login using a code sent by SMS.

But, what happens when you’re traveling and aren’t able to receive SMS?

We still want to make sure you can access your Shakepay account.

While we cannot disable your 2FA (second factor authentication method) entirely; we do have an alternative to receiving your code by SMS.


With the TOTP method, you can get your verification code using the Google Authenticator app.

To do this:

  • Download Google Authenticator from your app store.

Once the app is downloaded:

  • Log in to your Shakepay app
  • Go to Settings > Security > Authenticator app
  • Click on "Copy secret"

You can then return to your Google Authenticator app to complete set up.

To set up:

  • Open Google Authenticator app
  • Click the "+" button in the top right hand corner
  • Select "Manual Entry", and paste the secret key you copied in the field "Key"

Your 6-digit code can now be generated locally on your smartphone instead of using your phone number for receiving the SMS.

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