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How to submit a security selfie
How to submit a security selfie

Security selfies allow us to confirm that sensitive actions in the app are authorized by you

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Why Am I Being Prompted To Submit A Security Selfie?

Customers will be prompted to submit a selfie video when performing certain sensitive actions in the app. The selfie video is an account security measure that allows us to confirm that a given action in the app is authorized by you.

What is A Security Selfie?

A security selfie allows us to confirm a customer’s identity when completing more sensitive actions in the app.

Can I opt out of security selfies?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to opt out of security selfies.

How Do I Submit A Security Selfie?

You will be automatically prompted to submit a security selfie after completing certain actions in the app.

  • Follow the instructions as listed within the app to submit your selfie.

  • Please ensure that you are in a well-lit environment and that you have granted Shakepay permission to access your camera. To grant access, please check the settings of your phone.

  • It is important that you do not log out of your session until your selfie has been evaluated or you will be prompted to submit a new selfie.

How Long Does It Take To Review A Security Selfie?

  • Most security selfies are reviewed automatically and are instantly approved or rejected.

  • Selfies that are sent to manual review take up to 48 hours for the team to review.

  • Once a security selfie pending manual review has been evaluated, all subsequent security selfies will be evaluated automatically.

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